Adventure track for children

FilZOO Abenteuerstrecke

The start of the adventurous route is located right below the mountain station sixpack Mooslehen.

During the lift ride, you can already see the amusing design that resembles a zoo: green palms, monkeys, and sloths on the figures, and a life-sized, yellow giraffe with blue spots immediately brings a smile to the children's faces.

The new experience descent is, in essence, a bypass of the mountain station and eventually merges into the existing ski slope, approximately in the middle section of the descent.
The first part is interesting for the little skiing guests, featuring colorful figures with movable torsos and small obstacles, as well as soft figures and a cylinder to push aside.

The second section requires special skills from skiers, with snow hills and a wave track. After the first three waves, there is a slightly steeper section that playfully enhances the skiing skills of the participants. Towards the slope, the experience descent is clearly marked with a barrier. Here, there is another short section of the slope with obstacles to overcome.

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