Corona safety measures

Currently, our ski resorts are closed until the 23rd of December due to the governmental Covid-19 regulations. As soon as we have more detailed information about the reopening of the ski areas, you will find it here. However, this still remains the same: Skiing is an outdoor sport and it has been proved that it is very beneficial for your health.

Currently, all accommodation facilities, restaurants and bars are closed until the 6th of January due to the governmental Covid-19 regulations.

You are outdoors in the fresh mountain air, stocking up on vitamin D and moving a lot. The upcoming winter will be a little bit different, but one thing is for sure: Ski amadé and the ski resorts will enforce all necessary measures so that as soon as we can reopen, you can experience Austria’s greatest ski paradise in the safest possible way. Additionally, we ask you kindly to respect our COVID-19 regulations, so that we can be safe together.

For now, you can find out how skiing will take place in winter 20/21. We hope to be able to welcome you back as soon as possible.

Corona safety measures for ski operation in Ski amadé

Does a mask have to be worn?

No, there is no mask requirement in gondolas, lifts or queuing areas.

Will the cable cars and lifts be aired during the ride and disinfected?

All cable cars and lifts will be aired as best as possible – Please ensure you air adequately during your ride (open windows, open the weather protection cover, etc.). 
All lift facilities (cable cars, chairlifts,…) will be regularly disinfected.

Where in the villages will disinfectant be available?

Disinfection possibilities are in the toilet facilities and at the ticket office area.

How many people will be allowed to travel in a cable car or on a chairlift at any one time?

All cable cars and lifts can be filled to a capacity of 100%. 

How will guests be informed about the Corona safety regulations on-site?

Guests will be made aware of the current Corona safety regulations by means of signs and loudspeaker announcements on site.

Which Corona safety measures apply to the employees of the lift companies?
  • The employees of the cable car companies are trained or instructed according to uniform guidelines and regulations on the Corona safety measures.
  • All employees of the cable car companies undergo regular health checks. In the event of suspicion, tests are carried out immediately and the employees are immediately isolated from the company organization.
  • The cable car companies each have a Corona officer who is responsible for planning and implementing the measures.
Do guests have to provide 3G proof when using the lifts?

No, 3G proof is not required to use the lifts and gondolas.

Corona safety measures for the ski operation in Ski amadé

What are the basic rules for the winter season?
  • Have fun, enjoy the winter and take care of each other! 😊
Which measures are currently in place for entry into Austria?

Measures for entry?
There are currently no restrictions unless entry is from a country or territory with a very high epidemiological risk.
These states and territories are listed in Annex 1 of the COVID-19 Entry Regulations.

Here you can read all the details about the entry rules


Do I have to provide the necessary Covid proof when buying a ticket?
  • No, you do not have to provide any necessary Covid proof (3G/2G) to use the cable cars.
  • Tickets can be bought easily at any time in the Ski amadé online ticket shop or at the on-site ticket offices.